Free meal…

This day is the one year of death of our president in our company, it’s means that there will be a mass going on.  I thought this day will be a normal day, nothing happen interesting. I had waited for several hours for the mass.  I became interested to the speaker who is the priest from Xavier School, he’s a good speaker, fluent in English but I feel sleepy that hour because every Monday I wake up early as 3 a.m. to go to work.  I had just went to the flow when the listeners either to raise up or to sit down.  The time had came that the mass will be finished and I said to myself ” Sorry Lord for what I have done today I feel so sleepy and I can’t go over it”. After the mass (here’s the exciting part) I went to the pantry to go to rest room and I was astonished when I saw those scrumptious foods on the table, I told to myself again ” Wow, lot of foods I shall eat a lot to save money hehehehe(demonic laugh)” so I ate a lot until I full and I brought a big size of siopao home at my boarding house just in case I feel hungry.

So I thank this day for free meal…. burp…


Cut it off…

At last we have finished our cut off date, I have been busy these past few days that’s why I haven’t posted here in my blog. There’s a lot of queries, concerns, and favors that I have attended to.  Sometimes, I told to myself that in my 3 years of working here, I do the same over and over again.




Preparation for Class Reunion…

My schoolmates in SNHS had a meeting last Saturday to talk about how we are going to do with the reunion to make it a success. We were at least 15 persons who went in the meeting, mostly of them are my classmates and the other two are from other section which was represented by their group.

They had appointed me to make a program that suit in our reunion and here it is;


Our logo that would be put in our souvenirs, a tumbler.

An invitation for our guest teachers…

Our program, it’s not yet finish because there are some details that need to confirm first.

Lastly, for our tarpaulin that to be printed and will post in facade of our brgy hall and for the venue.

Hope our committee would like these, I exerted efforts to do these.

I wonder if I could have a business of making cards.



Bonding with Cloud…

This day my son and I went to clinic for a check-up because he got sick for a whole month. I treated him for some merienda in certain fast food chain. He seems happy in his picture right? I hope so, I want him to get well as soon as possible so that our worries to him will be gone.




Calling a whole night…

Everyday after my work I call my wife just to know what is their condition with my son and what’s happening to them.

After I talked to my wife she passed the phone to my son and my son goes ” Daddy, hmmm pasulong mo ko toys yung power ranger and pangkain” (Daddy, hmmm I want you to buy me toys and food).

He always do that every time we talk , we had started to talk at around 9 p.m. up to 12 p.m. That is the first time that my son talk to me like that in long hours.

I’m very happy he did that…



Starbucks tumbler made on my own….

In our office all of the employee have their tumbler to use to have water to drink, most of their tumbler that they’re using are from Starbucks Store.

Thanks to my imaginative and creative mind, I end up to made my own Starbucks tumbler just to get in.

Here is how I made my own Starbucks tumbler:

I got a personalize tumbler, a sheet of a magazine, and a cut out logo of Starbucks.

First, I got a page of magazine and paste the logo of Starbucks (it’s up to you where you want it to put)

Second, I rolled the sheet to fit in inside the outer layer of the tumbler.

And that’s all you already made one. Hehehe


Taking a chance….

In certain newspaper, they always have a promo every year for the readers. You have to find the logo of an animal and when you found it you should cut it off and collect it.  Last year their mechanics was you need to send the clip through mail to their address.  But this year, almost same mechanics but it has a code on it and you need to sent it through sms for you to join.

Here it is what it is looks like:

I hope I win this year.

: )

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